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RT resolution recommends removing the bill from the public discussion and conducting RIA

October 8, 2018

The draft Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On health protection of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic from the tobacco consumption effects and surrounding tobacco smoke exposure” was considered at the Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The bill was submitted for public discussion by MP Almazbek Toktorov.

IBC representative told the roundtable participants about the opinion of the business community on the bill. Earlier, IBC submitted a letter to MP Toktorov, stating the official position of the organization on this issue.

The roundtable resolution proposes considering the bill by the Business and Entrepreneurship Development Council at the Parliament Speaker. It was recommended to urgently remove the draft law from the public discussion and conduct the Regulatory Impact Analysis for it, as required by law, with the involvement of all stakeholders including representatives of the tobacco industry. The resolution has been sent to the relevant authorities.