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Evolution of bank cards: virtual cards from Bai Tushum

November 15, 2019

Bai Tushum Bank has issues the cards of a new generation — Visa virtual cards.

The product meets all existing requirements of the modern consumers including convenient service, security and attractive service conditions.

Visa virtual cards differ from traditional ones with microchip plastic media by accelerated release and super favorable rates for opening and subsequent servicing.

To manage a card account tied to a virtual card, # BTB24 mobile banking, already beloved by many, will help.

Registration of a Visa virtual card is as easy as a regular Visa card. One visit to any of the Bank’s branches is enough. But to register the virtual card, you won’t have to wait for the release. All necessary card details for online purchases you will receive immediately.

More detail on Visa Virtual card tariffs can be found on the bank's website: