November 12, 2020
About the future: Kyrgyzstan’s economy through the eyes of a non-economist (Article 3)
What will the future of Kyrgyzstan be like? How will the economy develop, how to attain the growth of citizens' incomes? The goal of promoting economic development can be achieved by increasing production of goods and services, generating more jobs and revenue, and improving the quality of life of people.
November 10, 2020
Is the tight fiscal policy really tight? Kyrgyzstan’s economy through the eyes of a non-economist (Article 2)
Due to the worsening economic situation, the Kyrgyz government presented a revised state budget for 2020 in May. The new budget provided for a drop in revenues by 28.4 billion soms and a reduction in government spending by 8.6 billion soms. A 7.7 billion soms budget gap was filled by the Government by attracting loans from international organizations.
November 7, 2020
On the edge of survival: Kyrgyzstan’s economy through the eyes of a non-economist (Article 1)
Is it appropriate to discuss the economy when the country is ravaged by the pandemic and every family is hit by ills and casualties? Is it right, at this difficult moment, to speak about low economic indicators, state budget and business sector?
December 29, 2019
International women in mining profile: Nazgul Oskoeva
Nazgul Oskoeva, Procurement and Logistics Manager at Kumtor Gold Company: “It is not about being a man or woman: it is about being a human being (treat everybody as you want to be treated); it is about dedicating yourself to what you do, acting to add value, continuously improving, knowing where you want to be, never giving up—and it is about choice.”
July 1, 2019
IBC Forum helps local suppliers find partners in mining business
Suppliers of goods and services often turned to IBC with a request to acquaint them with purchasers, and not only for the mining industry, but also for other sectors of the economy. We decided to bring together suppliers of goods and services in one place to help them establish contacts for further joint projects.