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Governing bodies

General Meeting of IBC members

The highest management body of IBC (Association) is the General Meeting of Association's members. General Meeting of IBC members shall be convened at least once a year. Its main task is to ensure the Association's adherence to its goals and objectives. The General Meeting shall consider any matter that relates to IBC activities, but more importantly, it determines the priority directions of the Association's activities, introduces amendments and additions to the Association's Charter, decides on reorganization or liquidation of the Association, elects IBC Board and approves IBC Annual Report.

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IBC Board

IBC Board is a collegial management body of the Association, which performs the functions of general management of it’s activities and supervision over fulfillment of its objectives as established by IBC Charter. Powers of the Association’s Board include making decisions on all issues related to the Association’s activities, but more importantly it executes control over implementation of decisions taken by the General Meeting, decides on admission and expulsion from IBC membership, appoints and dismisses an Executive Director, and determines an amount of an annual membership fee.

Composition of the IBC Board

Anara Otogonova

Director, Corporate Relations, Kumtor Gold Company CJSC, IBC Board Chairperson

Kuban Ashyrkulov

General Director, Kyrgyzstan Insurance Company CJSC, IBC Board Deputy Chairperson

Ulan Kachkynbekov

CEO, Highland Exploration LLC, IBC Board member

Bektur Aliev

Acting CEO, Kyrgyz Investment Credit Bank CJSC, IBC Board Member

Evgeniy Krazhan

CEO, Sky Mobile LLC, IBC Board member

Ilyas Tulekeyev

CEO, KAZ Minerals Bozymchak LLC, IBC Board Member

Maksatbek Ishenbaev

Chairman, Bai-Tushum Bank CJSC, IBC Board Member

Tufan Kobanbay

General Manager, Hyatt Regency Bishkek, IBC Board Member

Bradley Brenneman

Director, Sierra Group LLC, IBC Board Member

Aleksandr Karavai

Director, Sut Bulak CJSC, IBC Board Member

David Westenfelder

Embassy of Germany in Kyrgyz Republic, IBC Board Associate member

Neil McKain

EBRD Director for Central Asia, IBC Board Associate member

Revision Commission

Revision Commission controls the financial and economic activities of the Association, as well as carries out an audit of its financial activities. Revision Commission is elected by the General Meeting from among the Association’s members for a period of two years. Audit of financial and economic activities of the Association is carried out by the Revision Commission on the annual basis and upon the decision of the Association’s Board.

Members of the Revision Commission

Kanat Seidaliev

Partner, Office Director, Grata Law Firm LLC, the Revision Commission member

Maria Adenova

Founder of the insurance company "Kyrgyzstan",the Revision Commission member

Kanyshai Sadyrbekova

Deloitte & Touche LLC, the Revision Commission member

Executive Body

Executive Director is an executive management body of the Association. The duties of Executive Director include all issues related to the Association’s activities, but more importantly Executive Director ensures implementation of decisions taken by General Meeting and the IBC Board, develops a meeting agenda for the IBC Board and General Meeting, submits an annual balance sheet and annual report, manages day-to-day operational and financial activities, and acts within the framework of his competency on behalf of the Association.

Askar Sydykov

Executive Director

Short bio

Dastan Imanaliev

Deputy Executive Director

Lidiya Savina

IBC website editor

Media Relations Manager

Sanjar Toktomambetov

Head of Legal Department

Zhanabil Davletbaev

Legal Expert

Corporate Affairs Manager

Aigul Abduvalieva

Financial Manager

Jibek Talantbekova

Administrative Assistant