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Hiring foreign employees in the Kyrgyz Republic: law and practice

Nazik Satkeyeva, Kalikova & Associates Law Firm
January 30, 2012

Today, there are many companies hiring foreign employees for various reasons. But only a few of them observe the necessary formalities for employing foreigners or stateless persons in the Kyrgyz Republic. It should be kept in mind, however, that the lack of appropriate permits may turn out quite costly, both materially and morally, for local employers and foreign employees. Thus, in the event of deportation of foreign employee, employer might pay more in penalties and transportation costs than it would have paid, had his foreign worker been employed properly. Furthermore, until issued the required permits, employers will feel uneasy inexpectation of labor inspections and foreign employees will feel uncertain about their social and financial stability. Despite gaps and uncertainties in Kyrgyz migration law, knowing the rules and requirements is critical, as it helps maximally avoid possible sanctions.

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