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Results of the Eurasian Week in Bishkek

September 28, 2019

The largest EAEU business forum - "Eurasian Week" was held in Bishkek on September 25-27.

The forum was held at the Ala-Archa state residence, and about two thousand people participated in it, including ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission, heads of large companies, representatives of government agencies of the EAEU member countries.

The program included 25 business events and five special events. The participants discussed the integration of the union into the global market, promising areas for the EAEU development, a single energy market and joint agricultural projects. Businesspeople held negotiations.

At the plenary session of the 4th Eurasian Week, representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission and the business community discussed the new EAEU economic policy.

The theme of the plenary meeting, which took place on September 25, was the challenges and prospects of the Eurasian business space.

For several years, the Eurasian Economic Union has created basic conditions for the free work of the business community. Duties were abolished, a common market for services was formed in 49 sectors. Nevertheless, not all issues have yet been resolved. In particular, work is ongoing to remove obstacles in the common union market.

The EEC is actively developing cooperation with third countries and associations to bring the business of the EAEU countries to foreign markets.

However, modern challenges in the global and regional context make the the EAEU countries rethink the direction of the Union’s former economic policy and its role in interaction with major world players.

The participants in the plenary discussion,representatives of various business fields, tried to find answers to several important questions:

• How the functioning of the EAEU affected the work of the business community;

• How to increase the competitiveness of production in the union;

• What are the best forms of cooperation with foreign partners in the prevailing global context;

• What should be the new EAEU agenda.

The moderator of the discussion was ECE Chairman Tigran Sargsyan.

Representatives of the IBC member companies – KAZ Minerals, Alliance Altyn, Eti Bakyr, Vertex, Kichi Chaarat, and Yurasia participated in discussions on the exchange of contacts in the mining industry of the EAEU.

On September 26, the forum participants discussed joint programs and projects in industry and the agro-industrial complex of the EAEU countries as a modern trend in the development of Eurasian integration.

At a roundtable on September 27, the participants considered the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the EAEU.

The Eurasian Week is held annually in the capitals of the Eurasian Economic Union member countries.