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It is proposed to exclude restrictions for mining enterprises during blasting operations

April 9, 2021

The Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic submitted for public discussion a draft government resolution "On Amendments to the Government Decree "On Approval of the Safety Rules for Blasting Operations" dated September 30, 2016 No. 521".

In connection with the adoption of the new Safety Rules for Blasting Operations (Government Resolution dated September 30, 2016 No. 521), difficulties encountered in securing a safe work space in open pit mining companies. According to the new Rules, the size of the exclusion zone for blasting from the nearest charge was set at 20 meters, and this restriction during blasting operations negatively affects the activities of mining enterprises for a number of reasons.

Global mining industry and mining enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic successfully apply new systems of non-electrical and electronic initiation during blasting operations, which have additional safety measures.

In order to ensure industrial safety and increase the production efficiency of mining enterprises, it is necessary to allow a reduction in the size of the exclusion zone from the nearest charge, the ministry suggests.

The draft NLA proposes to eliminate the restriction for mining enterprises in blasting operations and to allow a reduction in the size of the exclusion zone from the nearest explosive charge.

The International Business Council has repeatedly submitted such a proposal to the Government and the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic.