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Builders need transparent and understandable working conditions

April 12, 2021

The deputies of the Parliament Committee on Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction discussed problems in the construction sector, in particular, the procedure for issuing the necessary documents.

The committee members recommended that the government step up measures to simplify the procedure for issuing permits for design and construction and combine these two processes.

The deputies, together with the builders, have developed a new draft regulation on the procedure for issuing documents for design, construction and other changes to real estate objects, the press service of the Government press office reports.

"It is envisaged to reduce the time for issuing permits to 15 and 30 days and exclude the procedure for obtaining a construction permit," said committee member Gulmira Abdralieva.

According to MP Tynchtykbek Konushbaev, not everything is as smooth as the government members report on the implementation of the Single Window.

“This project is being implemented formally, only on paper. The Single Window will not fully function until the problem with the utilities is resolved,” he said.