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Demir Bank issued new product for corporate customers!

January 30, 2014

Demir Bank being pioneer in developing of innovative banking products has issued “Visa Business Card”!

Corporate Credit Card Visa Business for development of your business and optimization of your company's settlements.

Corporate Credit Card Visa Business is designed specifically for companies and is a reliable and convenient way to pay entertainment, business and travel expenses on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.

Advantages of the corporate credit card Visa Business:

Efficiency: the card allows you to get cash at any time in Visa ATMs or pay noncash for necessary purchases in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad 24/7.

Security: assurance in safety of funds since there are no risks associated with the cash settlement. In urgent cases, the card can be immediately blocked by a telephone call of a holder or manager of a company.

Possibility of remote control of funds’ spending on-line.

Time and cost saving compared to cash withdrawal transactions by check, noncash payments by payment orders, cash collection costs decrease.

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