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Talas entrepreneurs complain about bureaucratic barriers and other problems

July 27, 2021

On July 26, 2021, an expert group consisting of representatives of the International Business Council and the President's Office discussed the problems of the business environment with entrepreneurs of the Talas oblast.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the regional and district administrations, regional and district development funds, the Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship in the Talas oblast.

The discussions revealed that local businesses are particularly concerned about access to finance, tax administration, and the licensing and permitting system.

Entrepreneurs complained about numerous bureaucratic barriers,” said Askar Sydykov, IBC Executive Director.

“Representatives of construction companies complained that they have to to go to Bishkek in order to obtain construction documentation. They asked to open the corresponding centers of certification and expertise in the regions, in particular in Talas,” Sydykov said.

There were many to be resolved promptly. For example, how the State Ecological and Technical Inspectorate will now work after the structural changes in the government. The entrepreneurs spoke about the problems with irrigation, feed, processing of agricultural products, in particular, bean crops, and other pressing issues.

Tax administration is very difficult in the regions. This was discussed not only by business representatives, but also by the Entrepreneurship Support Center.

Particular attention was paid to optimizing the activities of regional development funds (RDFs).

The meeting participants concluded that it is necessary to amend the current Model Regulations on the RDFs so that the funds are received in a timely manner. It is also necessary to expand the range of applicants who can apply for regional development projects.

It is also necessary to improve the system of relations between the regions and the state bodies. It often happens that, due to bureaucratic delays, the regions cannot receive funds on time, plan and master them. As a result, the funs remain undeveloped by the end of the year.

We will try to help entrepreneurs in all these areas. Based on the results of the meetings, we will develop recommendations for providing assistance to entrepreneurs and creating conditions for the economic development of the regions. It is important that our recommendations will be directly submitted to the Presidential Office and the Cabinet of Ministers,” concluded the IBC head.

The expert group plans to visit all regions of the country to hear firsthand about the problems of concern to entrepreneurs and find ways to solve them.