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Promoting reforms in Kyrgyzstan using international experience

December 17, 2021

IBC Executive Director Askar Sydykov and head of the legal department Zhanabil Davletbaev met with experts from the Office of Simple Solutions & Results.

The OSR a non-profit organization headed by Mikhail Saakashvili with offices in several countries and cities.

IBC guests were Georgi Tskhakaia, ex-head of the Tax and Customs Service of Georgia, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Belarusian politician and economist, founder of the Belarusian school of liberal sustainable development, as well as Japar Usenov, the Office representative in Kyrgyzstan.

The guests spoke about how the Office of Simple Solutions is helping to carry out reforms. For example, Ukraine has a National Reform Council (NRC) headed by President Zelensky. Proposals for solving certain urgent problems are received there. These proposals are being developed by the Office of Simple Solutions, the NRC executive committee. The Office usually develops a concept of the main reform directions, but before that, it studies world experience on every issue and finds optimal solutions.

The meeting participants discussed the possibilities of promoting reforms in Kyrgyzstan, taking into account the experience of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. They also considered solutions to issues in various areas including urban planning tax and customs policy, education. As a result of the meeting, agreements on further cooperation were reached.