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Business of Kyrgyzstan told Swedish parliamentarians how it protects its rights

April 12, 2022

Executive Director of the International Business Council Askar Sydykov took part in a meeting of representatives of the civil and business community of Kyrgyzstan with Parliament deputies of (Riksdag) of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Representatives of civil society informed about the difficulties in respecting human rights and freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan, and raised a number of other issues.

Askar Sydykov spoke about the general situation with doing business in Kyrgyzstan, the main difficulties faced by the business community. A public-private dialogue is actively developing in the country, he said.

“Business has the opportunity to discuss pressing issues directly with government agencies and with the country's leadership,” Sydykov said.

Swedish parliamentarians were interested in how the business of Kyrgyzstan is involved in the promotion of human rights.

“As far as possible, we do not stand aside. We consider not only business and economic issues, but we try to respond to human rights issues as well. For example, we participated in public discussion of a number of codes – Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and Administrative Code, adopted last year. For each of them, we gave our comments and suggestions, and some of our suggestions were taken into

The public-private dialogue continues, and every year the business community of Kyrgyzstan is increasingly asserting its rights.