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Project ‘Systematic Analysis of Regulations’ SAR (OSCE, 2014 - ongoing)

January 30, 2017

The OSCE Centre in Bishkek is implementing a project launched in April 2014 to assist the Government of Kyrgyzstan in implementing a reform program to improve the regulatory environment for business and reduce corruption. This goal can be achieved by eliminating unnecessary regulatory barriers to business and simplifying administrative procedures in order to reduce opportunities for corruption. This reform program consists of two aspects: a multi-year component aimed at reforming the regulatory environment through collegial analysis of existing rules. With regards to that the System Analysis of Regulation which is currently being conducted will have the highest economic effect.

The main goal of the IBC and OSCE cooperation within the framework of this project is to receive comments and proposals from the business community on the legislative acts that are being revised in the framework of the OSCE Systematic Analysis of Regulation project. The IBC staff were recruited and additional consultants were hired to implement the OSCE support in ensuring the participation of all stakeholders, in particular the public and private sectors; to evaluate the regulatory framework, based on information provided by ministries; to ensure active participation in the preparation of the necessary tools for the successful implementation of SAR projects; to organize sites for collecting comments and suggestions from all stakeholders, through roundtables, conferences and private meetings; to develop recommendations for amending the regulatory framework; to prepare draft laws on amending legislative acts based on recommendations collected during sectional discussions and meetings with a wide range of stakeholders.

Experts and an administrative team were involved in the implementation of the project. The expert group consisted of eight consultants. To provide a platform for stakeholder participation to receive constructive proposals and other necessary assistance, a number of large-scale events were conducted.