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Reviewing and Disseminating Information on Trade Policy Regulations of WTO Members and Trade News in Central Asia (2011)

IBC completed the project on reviewing and disseminating information on trade policy regulations of WTO members and trade news in Central Asia. The goal of the project was to inform entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan on import rules of WTO members and trade news in Central Asia.

This project was launched in September 2009. By the mid of March 2010, IBC had successfully implemented the first phase of the project, and as a follow-up the second phase was launched by USAID with IBC participation. The whole project was successfully completed in June 2011.

In the framework of the project IBC developed a WTO Trade Newsletter, an online information portal with WTO notifications, and held information events on trade. The project included:

Publishing of a monthly newsletter that includes both analytical and general information related to trade and WTO.

Developing and regularly updating an online search engine, which makes it easy to find the WTO notifications by country, by types of regulation (technical regulations, safeguard measures and/or sanitary measures) or using keywords.

Organizing press cafés that provided for a casual setting for experts and journalists to interact and discuss various issues at hand. 91% of the surveyed journalists said that they will publish at least one article as a result of the press cafés.

During the reporting period IBC conducted press cafés devoted to the following topics:

Introduction of the Single Window principle in foreign trade;

Protection of intellectual property rights;

Trade relations in the southern region of Kyrgyzstan;

Development of organic agriculture in Kyrgyzstan.

The project was implemented in 2011 with support of the USAID (USAID-RTLC).