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Mining Sector Work Plan Development (2012)

IBC served as a Work Plan Advisor, and in such role conducted the following tasks, in conjunction with REFORMA staff: Brainstorm with REFORMA staff to further define, expand upon, or eliminate the set of activities to be included in the work plan Vet the viability of proposed activities through informal interviews and discussions with the range of stakeholders represented by the mining sector, including key national Government organizations, Parliamentarians, regional authorities, business associations, private mining companies, law firms, and NGOs. Consider the planned activities of other international donors, business associations, and Government entities, and identify complementary activities that avoid duplicative efforts. Refine, expand, or eliminate proposed activities based on these interviews and discussions and develop the approach, time line and approximate cost of delivering these activities.

A broad and strategic Work Plan was formulated that reflects the key activities that the REFORMA Project will pursue during the course of the project. Following the development of REFORMA’s Work Plan for Mining Sector Assistance, REFORMA issued a competitive tender to recruit a consortium of local organizations and professionals for the creation of a Medium-and Long-Term Development Strategy for the Mineral Resources Sector.

The project was implemented in 2012 with support of the USAID REFORMA project.