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The analysis of the actual conditions that the mining companies encounter that are involved in production or that plan to start production activities in Kyrgyzstan (2013)

This analysis and the survey report were prepared by the International Business Council in the frame of the regional project of “Mineral Recourses for Development”, financed by the German Society for international cooperation. The given report presents an analysis conducted by polling amongst the representatives of the mining companies in the Kyrgyz Republic. By the result of the polls, brief recommendations are given on the improvement of the mining sector development in general and also the recommendations to involve the MRD project in solving the problems of the sector. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the concrete obstacles and gaps which have a negative impact on capability and the preparedness of the mining companies to conduct or to start the production of mineral recourses in the country.

Within the frames of this research interviews were held with 16 representatives of mining companies operating in subsoil use sector in Kyrgyz Republic. The respondents represented the CEOs and the deputy CEOs of the companies and also highly qualified experts. A single form of the questionnaire for the interview which included 26 different questions was presented to respondents.

The project was implemented in 2013 with support of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ).