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Economic indicators

In 2015-2016 GDP in USD decreased due to USD strength in global market, however annual growth of GDP in absolute terms is 104%.

The steady growth of the population's quality of life indicates the dynamically emerging economics growing.

Services constitute the largest share of the GDP of the Kyrgyz Republic - 50%. Other sectors have a smaller share in the country's GDP.

Kyrgyz Republic is making efforts to create a favorable business-climate in the country. Due to these efforts, the amount of foreign direct investment into the country has raised by more than 4 times.

According to official estimates, an average unemployment rate over the past 5 years averaged at 8.0%. It is predicted that the overall unemployment rate will fall to 7,1%.

To get more details on the economic indicators of the Kyrgyz Republic in the latest report Doing Business 2018, you can download the respective country profile below.

Download file «Doing_Business_2018_KGZ_eng.pdf»

The latest index on economic freedom in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2018 can be downloaded from the attachment below.

Download file «Index_of_Economic_Freedom_2018_KGZ.pdf»