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About Economic Journalism Club

October 8, 2018

International Business Council (IBC) has launched the Economic Journalism Club (EJC) with a goal to improve reporting skills on economic issues among journalists in Kyrgyzstan. IBC has selected practising journalists and economists without journalistic background, by means of an open call, who cover business and economic topics from various media outlets in Kyrgyzstan, and invited local and regional economic journalism gurus, attracted top management and representatives of economic sector in Kyrgyzstan to lead economic training programs and demonstrate key economic trends and ways of the coverage. The second stage of the program is to demonstrate the economic potential of factories and plans and see them in action during field trips to the largest business sites.

The goal of the EJC is to bring together economics reporters and representatives of business/economic sectors together and to provide a platform for comprehending needs. IBC has the capacity i.e. the access to the pool of journalists and access to business/economic sectors in Kyrgyzstan. The end result we want to reach is a community support for the improvement of the investment climate. Once the reporting improves and journalists are able to analyze and interpret numbers/statistics, as well as comprehend that for the general public i.e. community, businesses will be supported and their value will not be underestimated. Moreover, the community will understand the importance of quality reporting, as having well-interpreted facts which can help people provide support to businesses best performance and their social responsibility. Deputies will improve the quality of decision making to draft better policies for investment climate improvement. By the end of the trainings, local journalists who cover economic issues will be able to interpret, analyze, produce infographics, use visual communications, interpret laws, and conduct investigative reporting on the economic situation. Upon the completion of the project, the EJC will provide grants for the three best economic investigative reportages to be featured on the local media and the EJC platform.